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Crisis Communications

Fail to plan, and plan to fail

If your brand is mired in a crisis, the worst thing to happen is to mismanage the response – to your customers, your employees, and the media.

Crisis comms planning is tedious (yes it is), but essential if you care about coming out of it in good shape with minimal brand impact.

Why is it important?

Once you mess up your response to a crisis, your customers may never return

Your competitors will embarrass your brand as a black sheep in the industry.

Regulators and government agencies may penalise you for a botched crisis response


Scenario Mapping

By looking ahead at how potential issues can escalate into a crisis, I list out and categorise possible scenarios, and then draft responses and actions that you should adopt to mitigate reputational and operational risks.

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Source: Fortinet


Crisis Comms Playbook

Define how issues should be escalated, identify key decision makers, and prepare templated responses to your stakeholders on social media.

Use our Crisis Readiness Quiz to find out your Risk Exposure Score.

Are you still unprepared for a brand crisis today? Let’s chat!

Gary, Co-founder and Lead Consultant