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Digital Marketing Risks

Take back control of your online advertising risks

Online advertising is often an art and a science. And because of the complexity in running ad campaigns, often left to media agencies to do the hard work. But do you really know what is going on behind the ad accounts?

Why is it important?

Maintain business continuity when an agency is released from your retainer

Prevent private customer data like custom audience lists from leaking out

Monitor the ads publishing process so your agency doesn’t pull a fast one


Control your own ad account

Own your audience data by controlling all audience and conversion data, so agencies do not take that away when they leave. To do so, share advertising assets out to agencies instead of the other way round.

Source: L7 Advertising
Source: Sprinklr


Control your ad publishing process

In the same way that content publishing should be tightly managed, ad publishing pushes content that represents your brand. Hence, you should enforce strict checks and processes on all ad campaigns.

Use our Social Media Risk Calculator to find out your Risk Exposure Score.

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Gary, Co-founder and Lead Consultant