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Policy and Platforms

Managing social media is inherently risky

It’s impossible to mitigate risks when you work on social media account natively. By using tools like Hootsuite or Sprinklr, coupled with a comprehensive corporate policy on social media use, you can address many issues that plague many brands.

Why is it important?

Avoid giving everyone direct access to your social media accounts

Formalise rules and processes for multiple teams and across markets

Automate processes to control who does what (safely) on social media


Social Media Audit

Everything starts from a specialised audit of your social media accounts, down to the specifics of ad accounts and response management processes.

Social media risk survey
Source: ZDnet
Sprinklr consultancy and managed services
Source: Sprinklr


Sprinklr Consultancy

If you use a third party platform like Sprinklr, you can build custom roles from scratch. This powerful feature allows everyone to have access to specific functions – which increases the complexity of risks that are inherent in each possible action on social media.

Use our Social Media Platform Risk Calculator to find out your Risk Exposure Score.

When was the last time you audited your social media accounts – for real?

Gary, Co-founder and Lead Consultant