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Poor risk controls

What happened?

A Singaporean gym had recently changed hands. As part of the takeover, the previous owners were planning to give control of their Facebook account to the buyers.

Unfortunately, the original account was created by one of the co-founders, who had inadvertently created a Facebook Business Manager and assigned ownership of the page to it. (If none of what you just read makes sense, you really need to speak to us)

Long story short, no one could regain ownership of the Facebook page, and the new team had to create a new page and build their following from scratch.

How could this have been prevented?

Secure your passwords

Ensure you have a secure yet reliable place to keep your passwords, split into two or more employees.

Use social media tools

By using social media tools, you do not need to give direct user accesses to individual employees.

Allocate user roles

Keep admin accounts only for key personnel, and this does not include your agencies. Do this with a user role matrix.

Secure your social media accounts

Your brand’s social media accounts are virtual branches of your business – and the passwords are the keys. And when you lose your keys, all hell breaks loose, right?

If you haven’t already done so, we help you manage your internal risks by keeping the lock well oiled and the keys safely stowed away.

Now if we’re too late and something has already happened, let us know anyway. We might yet have a few tricks up our sleeves…

Recover lost social media assets

Now we cannot guarantee that we can help you get back your accounts. If you’re a big brand with some clout, we might be able to persuade someone to help you out… But be prepared for the worst anyway.

We do have a lot of experience in knowing how different social media networks work, but as with reporting a crime, it’s always better to do it as soon as possible.

Manage your social media user roles

So how can you avoid getting into such a situation anyway? It’s as easy as setting yourself up with a social media management tool. You can start from basic services like Hootsuite, or advanced platforms like Sprinklr or Khoros.

Sure, the best ones come with a price tag, but that’s a price tag you pay so you can manage your social media users like a mature, risk-mitigated brand. Let us show you the benefits to adopting this technology.

Our first consultancy is always free, so you get rich, unfiltered advice with no obligations or contracts. Not many risks consultants do what we do, and fewer offer any advice at all for free.

But we got your back.

Use our Social Media Risk Calculator to find out your Risk Exposure Score.

Let’s Chat About Your Social Media Risks

Gary, Co-founder and Lead Consultant