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Social Media Risk Management for Government Organisations

Why Social Media Risks Matter to Government Organisations

When what you say impacts your country, financial markets, regional geopolitics or more, you know that risk management is extremely important.

While established channels of public communication, like press releases and TV broadcasts, are tightly secured, the same might not be said for your social media channels.

Why should you care about managing social media risks

Avoid public miscommunication

Any message is an important message with implications for your country. Don’t say it wrongly.. or else!

Don’t fall prey to hackers

Government-liked social media accounts are a favourite target of hackers, and can wreak havoc to a country’s stability and economy under the wrong hands.

Effective crisis communication

In times of a crisis, your social media account might now be the defacto channel for breaking official updates.

You need a strategy to communicate clearly and carefully, while handling a deluge of online comments and messages.

How we help on your external risks

Employ social media monitoring to detect negative chatter and trends, allowing government organisations to proactively deal with them before they ‘blow up’.

Crisis communications planning and drills to prepare for the worst-case scenario – essential to avoid bad publicity, public outcry, riots – or worse!

Brand impersonation to find fraudulent accounts, and report them to social media networks to convince them to effect a takedown.

How we help on your internal risks

Enforce user access and content publishing controls to mitigate the risks of a disgruntled government employee or marketing agency holding your social media accounts hostage.

Manage your customers’ and users’ data on social media to avoid violating personal data management laws.

Develop a clear corporate social media policy to guide employees on how to use social media for work and on a personal basis. This also includes conducting workshops and training guides.

Use our Social Media Risk Calculator to find out your Risk Exposure Score.

Let’s Chat About Your Social Media Risks

Gary, Co-founder and Lead Consultant