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Social Media Risk Management for Public Figures

Why Social Media Risks Matter to Public Figures

If you’re a big celebrity, a key opinion leader, a politician… you know who you are. Are you worried about someone speaking on your behalf without your authority?

Well, with the ease of hacking social media profiles and creating social media accounts without controls, this is a key risk that you need to mitigate.

Why should you care about managing social media risks

Avoid public miscommunication

Your voice and opinion matters to your followers. Don’t send the wrong message irresponsibly.

Don’t fall prey to hackers

Your social media profile is a favourite target of hackers, and can undo years of hard work in reputation building when they blackmail you for it.

Protect your reputation and fight impersonation

Scammers love to impersonate public profiles to scam your followers.

Be aware of the risks and takedown such accounts quickly.

How we help on your external risks

Employ social media monitoring to detect negative chatter and trends, allowing you to proactively deal with them before they ‘blow up’.

Brand impersonation to find fraudulent accounts misrepresenting you, and report them to social media networks to convince them to effect a takedown.

Crisis communications planning and drills to prepare for the worst-case scenario – essential to avoid bad publicity, public outcry, and damaging your personal brand.

How we help on your internal risks

Enforce user access and content publishing controls to mitigate the risks of your marketing agency holding your social media accounts hostage.

Develop a clear corporate social media policy to set the guidelines and standard operation procedures for anyone engaging with you on social media. As part of this, you (and your team) also attend workshops and training programmes.

Use our Social Media Risk Calculator to find out your Risk Exposure Score.

Let’s Chat About Your Social Media Risks

Gary, Co-founder and Lead Consultant